Mobile Applications

apps for accurate data exchange throughout networks of operators

Project Details

  • Focus : Applications
  • Research : Mobile solutions
  • Use Case : Collaborative operations
  • Use Case : Data entry streamlining

Data Collection and Collaboration

Reallaer helps teams of people function at their best by providing shared, consistent information with no delays, and no lengthy translations resulting in confident communications and effective teamwork. Our mobile device apps increase the speed of accurate data exchange throughout networks of operators emphasizing precise information flow. A shared operational picture with users provides the most up to date information when making decisions. Real world network connectivity drives our solutions. Our applications are designed to not only function in a real time collaborative scenario, but also to continue operation in frequently disconnected environments where data recording is vital.

Dynamic Form Schemas

Clients frequently want to accelerate their deployment times, with minimal downtime between requirement changes and solution implementation. One of the most frequent use cases we receive is an update to forms, and the need to federate these changes to mobile devices the environment. Rather than a change request to source code to update static content, Reallaer implements a dynamic schema in all of our form-based mobile applications. If a client wants a drop down instead of a free text entry, it is a simple click away in the administrative software to employ this. Applications retrieve their schemas upon start up, and various solutions are in place to maintain data consistency and integrity.